Happy Thanksgiving, 3 weeks old tomorrow…

I can hear everyone yelling that I haven’t offered nearly enough updates. It’s a busy time of the year around here for several reasons. The puppies are doing great though and are so yummy, we’re going to serve them up for Thanksgiving dinner (kidding!). We’ve started calling them the “Fat Five”. Even the little one is a small hippo. They are starting to walk instead of crawl. The next step? Climbing!

Lillian loves being a mom and the six of them altogether have really become their own pod. Lillian is going to hate it when the puppies are weaned and she has to go back to being a regular dog.

The whole crew, Nov.25

The whole crew, Nov.25

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One week old, rolly polly

Yesterday brought the one week mark for the puppies. All of them are hanging around two pounds and growing like bad weeds! I had to make some corrections to the original blog. There are 5 girls and 1 boy (not 3). I guess in my head-cold induced state I couldn’t do math. Unfortunately we now have 4 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls succombed to a common birth defect on Wednesday morning, under the care of our vet. It’s always sad to lose one, but we’re grateful for the healthy puppies we do have.

Lillian continues to be a great mom and the puppies are clean and well fed. She’s had the opportunity to get some exercise this week which always makes it easier to lay around and nurse puppies. She is a pro at navigating around them in the whelping box. She’s also a very level headed mom. Sometimes momma dogs like to wrap their babies up in the blankets to try hiding them. This is very stressful for us (as you can imagine!). Lillian feels very secure about her puppies and seems to enjoy spending time with them.

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Drumroll please… they’re here!

6 puppies whelped from about 1:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. the morning of Thursday, Nov.6. There are 5 girls and 1 boy.

Lillian was a little sneaky. Her temperature didn’t drop and she was only in pre-labor for a few hours. She didn’t let me go to sleep Wednesday night. I have been nursing a head cold, so I wasn’t sleeping that well anyway. Everyone is doing well and there were no complications during labor. The puppies are 12.5 oz to 1 lb. which is good sized!

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Two weeks to go… honk a horn, there’s a barge coming through

Lillian is looking very pregnant these days. She still has time to run around the yard, try and climb the trees looking for doves and digging (uggh!). She is doing a little slower with no bend in the middle. We’ve been schooling her in the whelping box and she’s less than thrilled. I am off to Costco on Monday to buy a bed to put in the whelping box. Maybe that will help.

I’ll be moving the cot into the bedroom next week and we’ll practice sleeping in there together. The likely outcome of this scenario is Lillian trying to have the puppies on the cot with me instead of in the whelping box! We’re prepared for whatever happen!

About 16 days left for Lillian #weimaraner #puppies

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What Lillian has been up to

Lillian’s been busy being herself. Here are a few photos of her from this weekend. She is a thick through the middle, but it could be the extra food we’ve been providing (or the stuff she’s been stealing). There is no worse thief than a pregnant or lactating girl dog!

As a side note, we now have the web cam for the puppy room. We won’t be hooking it up until the puppies are here. Right now it’s just monitoring Maggie and Heidi sleeping all day in the spare bedroom.

We will probably go in for the pregnancy ultrasound some time next week. There is a hunt test this weekend I don’t want to miss.

Lillian has been hanging out with the old ladies, Heidi and Rylee. They’re not really sure what Lillian’s excited about.

Here is Ms. Lillian hanging with her sire, Gunnie (in the foreground). There are doves that like the giant evergreen tree outside of our back door. They were winding them.

Sticky lip happens.

Here is Lillian posing pretty under the tree. You can see her tuck-up doesn’t look quite as tucked-up as it did a few weeks ago. The wire is on the ground to keep the dogs from digging up the tree roots.


All that running around is difficult work. It’s time to rest and have a good ol’ foot nook. Mm mm toes.