About Foxfire Weimaraners

GCH Foxfire's The Real McCoy, JH, NSD

The Weimaraners: The dogs are our primary team members – their main job is being dogs! You can follow their competition and non-competition adventures on our Instagram or Facebook pages as well as here on foxfireweims.com. If you would like to see a list of our title holders past and present, visit the “Our Weimaraners” page. We have titleholders in many disciplines including conformation, tracking, agility, hunt tests, retrieving tests, scent recognition and trick dog. We are also privileged to have bred dogs awarded the BROM, which is the bench register of merit award through the Weimaraner Club of America for top producing sires and dams.

Amy Fast: Amy’s the one you see in photos behind many dogs and occasionally getting “real” about things on social media. She writes and maintains this web site, trains the dogs for conformation competition and sometimes hunt tests. Oh, and she works full time. In fact she is working for her retirement and dreaming of just doing “dog stuff” full time.

LaRita Fast: AKA Crazy Dog Lady. LaRita is Amy’s mom who holds down the fort when she’s not around, makes sure everyone is fed on time and keeps the herd happy.

George Hamamoto: George started out as Amy’s co-worker but soon volunteered himself into crazy dog-show person status. Once into showing Norwegian Elkhounds, he helps wrangle the Weimaraners at dog shows. George is always supportive and positive but has a competitive side when he gets fired up! George is chief cook and bottle washer, photographer, car mechanic, keeper of “The Bean“, overall supporter, co-owner, and generally keeps things moving for the clan. You can see him at dog shows with his camera or out in the field with the dogs and his .20 Franchi shotgun.

Lots Of Other People
We can’t list them all here, but we are grateful to the many people who have competed with our dogs, given them excellent homes and offered their friendship and support. You can find many of them listed with their dogs on the “Our Weimaraner” pages.

Breeder Bio Tidbits – We got our first Weimaraner in 1989 named “Libby”. She was our family pet and she lived for almost 14 years.
We have been members of the Weimaraner Club of America since 1991
We are an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit.
Our first litter whelped in Sept. 1997.
We have lived in Colorado since 1998.