Breeder Bio Tidbits – We got our first Weimaraner in 1989 named “Libby”. She was our family pet and she lived for almost 14 years.Libby in her finery. – We have been members
of the Weimaraner Club
of America since 1991.- We are an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit.AKC Breeder of Merit-Our first show dog was Ch.Wynwood’s EZ Made Spicy Stu. He sired 6 champions and a Master Hunter.

– Our first home-bred champion was BISS Ch.Foxfire’s Goldfinger. He sired 7 champions and a Master Hunter.

– We have two Best In Specialty Show winners, Tommy and Truman.

-The smallest litter we’ve had was 1 puppy. The largest, 11 puppies.

– We have lived in Colorado for 17 years and counting!

– In 1999, our dogs were featured in the Spanish language version of “Valencia Life”

– LaRita wrote a short series of articles about the Weimaraner breed for the Japanese version of “Dog World”


The dogs are the primary team members though their main job is being dogs. They eat, bark, get us out of bed in the middle of the night, play tug-o-war with snakes, dig holes, kill toads, eat birds, drag in dirt, make things stink…well we could go on. They are DOGS after all.


I am the one who writes all of this stuff and maintains this web site. Of course, that is not my only function. I train and show the dogs for conformation competition and sometimes hunt tests. Oh, and I work, a lot sometimes! Follow us on Instagram if you want to know more about me and the dogs.


LaRitaThere is the person everyone thinks is in charge, and then there is the person who is actually in charge. LaRita takes care of the dogs on a day-to-day basis. She can tell who is barking, is excellent at poop identification and everybody listens when she says “come” or “be quiet”. LaRita also has an extensive and growing orchid collection. She takes up painting occasionally and takes a lot of the photos you see on this web site. LaRita is Amy’s Mom, in case anyone was wondering. This photo was from 1960-something. We’ll get a newer one soon.


George started out as Amy’s co-worker but soon volunteered himself into crazy dog-show person status. Once into showing Norweigen Elkhounds, he helps wrangle the Weimies at dog shows, transport dogs and helps with any other work that needs to be done. George is always supportive and positive but has a competitive side when he gets fired up! George additionally coaches kids’ soccer, is fly fisherman, cooks a wicked beef wellington, builds model boats and airplanes, and knows more about car mechanics than most people can shake a wrench at.