Ch.Smokey City Foxfire Hallelujah


February 1999 – Colorado KC – BOW 4 pts.

CH Smokey City Foxfire Hallelujah – “Avery”
(Ch.Smokey City EZ Moonstone BROMx Ch.Smokey City EZ Wynwood Mirage BROM)

B.D. 12.16.1996 – 4.16.2009 – OFA Good

Big, bossy Avery cleaned everyone’s clock at the ’99
Rocky Mountain classic, taking WB all three days. She finished with three four point majors and a 3pt. Living well into old age, Avery spent her days holding down the sofa, woofing at Amy when she came home from work, and making sure meal time was on time. In her springier years, her game for visitors was stealing the basball caps right off of their heads. She believed everyone had come to see her and this was often true.

Old Lady Gray
Baby Avery 1997
Baby Avery 1997

Early 1997

Avery & Jane

Jane (puppy) and Avery 1999

Baby Avery 1997

Avery, August 1998
Avery in 1999