On Saturday the 8th we drove up to Berthoud, Colo. for the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club Fun Match. It was in Fickle Park which was a great place to have a fun match. Brock and Samantha were there to practice. Brock took puppy Best of Breed and Samantha won her class. Brock also took a puppy Sporting Group IV. Fun matches are a lot of hurry-up-and-wait so we had time to practice and roll around in the grass.

Brock and Samantha are 9 months old, and are out of Rowdy (GCh.Jewel’s One Wild Night,JH,NSD,NRD,V) and Lillian (Ch.Foxfire’s Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Love).


We got to visit with this little cutie, Francine. She is out of Dutch and Elsa.

Samantha and Brock play

Brock thought Sam’s ears were yummy

Brock ready to show!