This weekend the puppies left for their new homes. While it was a fun litter to raise and we’re a little sad to see them go, we’re happy that they’ve got new adventures ahead of them. Having a winter litter is not quite ideal, but we managed to get them outside quite a bit. They even got to play in the snow a few times.

Stephanie and ChinaBaby-daddy owner Steph Meyer came out to see the puppies this past weekend, and pick one out to take back to Minnesota. You know it’s cold in Minn. when people from there say, “it’s 20 degrees here, it doesn’t seem too bad.”  Our puppy grading day came and the outdoors looked like someone used spray-flock on all of the trees.  We had to do the puppy aptitude test in our sun room, but everything worked out fine.  The puppies were mostly 3’s in their results. We also got a few baby-points with the foot up, either with the furry object, or the feathers.

Steph choose yellow girl who is now called “China”. Jewel’s Foxfire Wild Ride. You can learn more about Steph’s Weimaraners and Rowdy on her blog,  China earned her name because this week was Steph and her husband Chris’ 20th wedding anniversary. China is the traditional gift for a 20th anniversary. Happy anniversary guys! Steph also brought her mom Marianne and friend Anna Steele Doornink. It was great meeting both of them and I am looking forward to seeing them down the road.

Sandy and BrockThe only boy in the litter, “Brock” went home on Friday into the loving and capable hands of Sandy. Thank you for waiting the extra week Sandy, I know it was tough! Brock will be joining Brie who is Ruby’s sister. Brie is apparently already a little miffed at the new addition, but we’re betting she comes around. Brock be following in Brie’s accomplished footsteps in training for search and rescue. Brock will also be seen in the show ring. His registered name will be Foxfire’s Going For Broke.Max and Uma

Red girl with her stunning face and eyes will be making the long journey to Rhode Island with her new owner Max. Max’s mom Judy lives here in Colorado and has one of the “grand-goobers” from Jett and Pip, bred by Christine Trujillo. Red girl is now named “Uma”.  Even though Uma be a long distance away, she’ll definitely still be part of the extended family.  I wish Max and Uma good luck and hope that puppy kisses fix any first-time Weim-dad jitters!  Uma’s registered name is TBD.

Jen, John and SabrinaOrange girl is now named “Sabrina” and is living with Jen and John in Parker. They also have Charlee who is out of our Gunnie and Uma (2013), and a really cool old-lady Weimaraner named Lexi.  Sabrina’s registered name is Foxfire’s Full Moon’s Gotta Spell On You.  Jen will be showing Sabrina and Charlee so we’re looking forward to training classes and fun matches to get her girls ready to go. Sabrina is Bean 2.0, leggy supermodel in the making.

In saying good-bye to all of these little tikes, we get to say hello to our new girl Samantha. Even though her “got-ya” day was the day she was born, we don’t get to know our puppy as well until the others leave for their new homes. Samantha was really displeased with the idea that she was now the lone puppy in the pen and told us about it, continually, for several hours. amy-and-samanthaHer only quiet moment on Sunday was when I convinced her to sleep in my lap while watching Downton Abbey.  She searched outside for her littermates which was a little heart breaking. That empty spot will soon be filled with new playmates at our house, training and other bits of fun.  Samantha’s name is Foxfire’s Bewitched. She’ll be seen in the show ring and at hunt tests. We’ve got a busy spring and summer ahead of us!