With all of the puppy festivities happening over the weekend, I need to update the blog about the other things going. Saturday (Oct.3) Jean earned another qualification toward her JH title at the Mile High Weimaraner Club hunt test. On Sunday I was happy with her performance, but we went birdless.  Brock was also entered this weekend and was a very enthusiastic participant! He finds birds but isn’t stopping to point long enough just yet. He and Sandy make a great team and I am sure there will be more hunt tests in his future. We left the rest of the crew home because I thought Lillian might deliver any time. Thankfully we were the last brace on Sunday which was 3 p.m., otherwise I wouldn’t have made it after staying up delivering puppies all night. The answer is yes I AM CRAZY, but George drove the car so there were no sleep-driving incidents. Also, caffeine exists for_a_reason.

Jean and Amy

Jean and Amy

Sandy and Brock

Brock & Sandy

Brock says “wheeee!”

One of Donna Taylor’s GSPs

Sandy, George and Brock

Sadie Mae at her first field event

Strasburg Game Birds

Amy with Jean and Christine with Cricket (Gunnie x Aurora) on the line. Cricket also just needs one JH leg for her title!

Brock taking a break