Lillian has one week before her due date. She is large and in charge. The puppies are kicking around inside. Lillian is kicking around on the outside. She is waddling everywhere, has to pee frequently and is really enjoying her meals. We have the whelping box set up, towels bleached, instruments boiled, and new batteries for the baby scale. I also finished sewing new curtains and hung them up. Needless to say, Sunday involved a lot of coffee and Lysol.

Focus on the c-o-o-k-i-e
Nom nom pumpkin cookie
Fresh coat of paint and some new decals.
I bought this fabric in 2013 and wanted to get the curtains done before Ruby had her litter. Well, Ruby had her litter and now Jean Bean’s a grand champion and has two legs toward her JH title. I guess it doesn’t matter, I did get them done – eventually!