02-heidiThis spring continues to be challenging in many different ways.  On the 2nd day of May we lost Heidi who was 12 years and 10 months old. She passed away at home surrounded by friends and family. We miss her. If you’d like to read more and see photos, please read our post about Heidi, click here.

In our last installment I mentioned that we bred Jean to Gunnie. Jean did not conceive. During our sonogram appointment my vet said it was imperative to come back in a few weeks for a recheck. Jean developed a closed pyometria which is a serious condition that can become life threatening.  Jean was spayed to preserve her heath as we had expired other options that would have preserved her fertility and her health.  I can’t quantify the disappointment felt at losing her from our breeding program. It’s just a moment to be thankful that we have good vets, breeder friends and a support system to help us through.  Bean’s got the best team and she will be just fine.

We attended the Terry-All Kennel Club dog show on the 9th and 10th  of April. Samantha picked up a point on Sat. giving her 9 points. She’s singled-out so I pulled her on Sunday. Now we’re just looking for majors. Brock, fresh on the other side of puberty, picked up Best of Winners both days at the show for his very first points!  Sandy’s also been training with NAVHDA and for hunt tests. Brock shines in everything he does, especially with Sandy’s guidance. I am looking forward to more dog shows with Brock over the summer now that he’s taken on some manly proportions.

There seems to be a lot of loss happening in the dog world for the early part of this year. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people, but it also brings sorrow to your doorstep.  Here is an article that I found useful http://www.upworthy.com/8-simple-words-to-say-when-when-someone-you-love-is-grieving?c=ufb6 .

george-and-derbeanThe Mile High Weimaraner Club hunt test was rescheduled for May 7th and 8th. The original dates had to be cancelled due to bad spring weather. Not in Colorado… no way! <sarcasm> .  Results from the weekend:
Brock” Foxfire’s Going For Broke (Rowdy x Lillian) qualified both days, congratulations to Sandy Jordan on her great training…
Jean” GCh.Foxfire’s Wild Little Bling’d Thing (Rowdy x Ruby) finished her JH on Saturday, picked up JHA qualification with a 9,9,8,8 handled by George Hamamoto (his first weekend handling in a HT!).
And “Frankie” Ch.Foxfire’s Frankly my Dear (Gunnie x Piper) – JH qualification on Saturday, didn’t quite get the combination of stuff right on Sunday but had an excellent training opportunity running as the bye dog at the end. She has 2 JH legs.
One of Gunnie’s daughter’s, “Cricket” Ch.Cheyenene’s Love Bug, JH also completed to legs of her JHA this weekend. Congratulations to Christine Trujillo!
This is our last set of hunt tests for the spring. We’re off to W.C.A. ratings in June…

Gunnie’s getting close to his BROM… we have to do some counting, but I think we’re almost there!