Frankie (Foxfire’s Frankly My Dear) won Best In Sweepstakes at the Southland Weimaraner Club specialty show in conjunction with the 2014 Weimaraner National Specialty. She beat out Jean Bean (Foxfire’s Wild Little Bling’d Thing) who won the largest class in the sweeps, 12-18 month bitches which had 11 entries. It was tough!  There were a lot of very nice bitches there and we’re thankful to be recognized. The sweepstakes judge was Ms. Nancy Talbott.  Both Jean Bean and Frankie went on to win first place in the regular classes at the Southland specialty show under Howard Falberg.

Thanks to Christine Trujillo for taking these photos, hoping the regular issue ones from the photographer are as good!

Frankie wins Best in Sweepstakes
Frankie wins Best in Sweepstakes
Jean "The Bean" wins 1st in 12-18 month sweepstake class, paid $$ !
Jean “The Bean” wins 1st in 12-18 month sweepstakes class over 11 girls, paid $$$ !


Queen Mary in the background, while getting our photo taken.


This photo was poached off of Facebook and was taken by Barb Taylor. Jean and I are second in line. You can click on it to make it larger.


Jean Bean also placed 2nd in Junior Bitches for her Futurity. Olivia (Gunnie x True) placed 3rd in her Futurity class and Jett (Gunnie x True) placed 2nd in his Futurity class.