I posted this on Facebook as my first attempt at photoblogging.


Momma and her Maggie Migglesworth




Heidi faithfully parks herself under my desk in the afternoon while I am sitting at the computer.






Lillian and Maggie survey the landscape for rabbits. The rabbits are smart enough to stay out of the yard when the dogs are out, but they do enjoy hopping around just outside of reach.



I set up this shot to capture the snow drift behind the dog turds in the foreground. We spend a lot of time picking up poop. In the winter, we spend a lot of time chipping frozen poop off the ground. Rylee offered a little more to the photo than what was originally intended.



Hazel naps in the chair quite a bit. She is 12 1/2 and by her own description, getting old is really a bitch.




Hazel also has to eat canned food because of a mass near her esophagus. The other dogs are pretty jealous. They don’t know the reason Hazel has to eat soft food.




Hazel’s granddaughters “The Bean”, Marnie and Lillian make a case for having some of the canned food. Aren’t they so sad and starving? Piper is the little head peeking behind Marnie in the background.




The sharks are circling. Gunnie thinks my sandwich might be better off in his mouth than on my plate.




Samantha realized she can get on the furniture this weekend without aid. Heidi realized this weekend that her time of peace and quiet on the couch is over.




LaRita grows all kinds of orchids. This Ondontoglossum/Oncidium hybrid decided to finally bloom this year. She’s happy about it even though she’s squinting from the sun.




Homer’s nickname is “Timex”. He is 12 years old. A little senility has settled in, but he generally gets by on his charm and good looks.



Me. No glamour. No filters. Just how I am when I didn’t take a shower and I’ve been playing with the dogs all day.



I took some formal photos of Samantha. This one had a light refraction in my lens. She’s not angelic but it made for a pretty photo.