This weekend we attended the Arapahoe Kennel Club dog show in Aurora, Colorado. It is one of my favorite shows because of the close in parking, and the relatively short trip from our house ( 70 minutes, woo hoo!).  We went into the weekend just needing two points for Jean’s GCH. She would have to take GC Select both days in order to get the two points, or BOB/BOS. We always have good competition. Jean, who is just under 26″, was taller than both the male specials there, so that adds to some of the complication/intrigue. Some judges can make good height comparisons, some are just going to think she’s too tall. The top of the standard for females is 26″ by the way. Males can be a short as 24″, so you can see how the overlap can occur.

We did great and got both of her points for the weekend. Jean’s mostly retired from being a show dog now, but watch for her as we continue to do bird work! She will also be bred to Ch.Foxfire’s Bohemian Rhapsody next spring.

Super-puppy Samantha took WB/BOW on Saturday with the help of George Hamamoto, and WB on Sunday. This gives her 7 singles in three weekends. We’re on a roll! We will have to find majors at some point, but probably will not be until next year.

We went out to Quail Run on Sunday after we were through showing. There are a couple of hunt tests coming up and we wanted to get some practice in. See photos and captions below for other fun happenings from this weekend!

Jean Bean back in July. A favorite photo…

All of the ribbons from the weekend!

Amy with Samantha and Jean, Sandy with Brock, Greg with Winnie. All had a great time working birds! Brie, who is Sandy’s other Weimaraner, also got in on the actionafter escaping from the back of Sandy’s car. She didn’t think Brock was getting the bird-finding job done (grin). Winnie really enjoyed herself too and seems to have found her calling in life! This was her first experience with the starter pistol, and she did great. Thanks to Tim for coming out on a hot day and helping us out! Photo by George…

Jen stopped by the dog show with Sabrina! Sabrina is Brock, Sam and China’s litter mate. She will be seen in the ring soon. She’s looking great and we can’t wait to get started…

Lillian stayed home to gestate. 🙂

Maggie came along for the ride and spent some time skulking around the camp looking for birds.


Meanwhile in Minnesota… Steph Meyer was busy at the Northstar Weim Club hunt tests, but got some new photos of China gaiting and stacking. She is looking beautiful! See her page for the rest of the photos.