It’s mid-March and we’re waiting anxiously for spring here at team Foxfire. The only good thing about daylight saving time is longer hours in the evening for exercise and training with the dogs. Otherwise we’ve all been bemoaning the affects of DST.

china-winsTo compound matters, I took the time change while in Kansas City. Showing at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning meant 7 a.m. by my clock. Even the dogs were a little confused about why we were up so darn early.

Samantha and Frankie didn’t have a successful weekend showing. But China, who is out of Lillian and Rowdy, took a 2nd major on Sunday. China’s owned by Rowdy’s people, Steph and Chris Meyer of Fountain, Minn. China has 11 points now and both majors. We are very proud of our mid-western emissary.  We may be making our way out to Minnesota-land sometime in June. I’m not a fan of bugs or humidity, but I think it’d be worth the trip.

china-amy-samanthaSam and China got to meet and like typical girl Weimaraners, were less than thrilled with each other. We got a few good photos of the two of the sisters. Well, sort-of good photos.

I also got to meet several people who are Facebook friends, along with making a few new friends along the way. Here’s a shout out to Shirley, Julie, Carrie, and Kathy.

As an aside, if you’re ever in Kansas City and have some time to burn, visit the National World War One museum. It was a lot to take in for just one visit. The history was interesting and the exhibits were compelling. Tim and I were both a little under the weather, but it was worth the effort to make it through.

There’s also a really cool little dog park just to the west of the museum, hit that first and wear the doggies out!

Upon returning home, I still haven’t figured out whether Jean Bean is pregnant, or not. We bred her on the 13th of February. George took her up to Dr. Burns’ for artificial insemination the day of the Denver show. Teamwork! We bred her to Gunnie’s frozen assets. For all of those who are wondering, I finally gave in and made an ultrasound appointment for Friday at 8 a.m.  If she’s not pregnant, we’ll find her a boyfriend for next time who can do the deed the old fashioned way. Stay tuned. We also have some very special plans for Lillian, but no timeline for them yet.

boo-booMonday of this week marked two weeks since Phoebe’s untimely passing. We’re all still adjusting and sometimes struggling. She died from disseminated intravascular coagulation. What really stinks is I can now pronounce and spell this thing she died from, whereas a month ago it wasn’t even on my radar. We appreciate everyone’s support and thoughts during this difficult time. It’s meant a lot to both LaRita and I.

Hunt test season is upon us. If you’re looking to compete, the Mile High Weimaraner Club spring hunt test will be April 16-17th at Strasburg, Colorado. We’ll be there both days. My baby bird dogs turn six months old on April 4th. I am not sure they’ll be ready, or if I’ll be ready!