It’s time for the news and notes summer round-up! There’s been a lot going on the last few months, obviously blogging hasn’t been one of them. Be assured, with the puppies on the way, my posts will likely become more frequent.

For the fall dog shows, Bones has made is way to just needing a major to finish his championship. His sister Hannah picked up a few more singles along the way.  We are off to the nether reaches of South Dakota and Nebraska in search of those now-elusive majors. Bones also took Best in Sweepstakes, and Best of Winners at the Mile High Weimaraner Club specialty show.

Sabine picked up two more JH qualifications at the South Dakota Hunting Club hunt test, the weekend of August 20th. On Sept.23rd she earned her last JH qualification at the Northstar Weimaraner Club hunt test! Congratulations to the Purchase family! Sabine also has a JHR qualification and will be working toward that title as well.

Eliza spent the summer earning novice, intermediate and advanced trick-dog titles, and learning new activities with her owner Christina. She also went to a trick-dog seminar for Kyra Sundance’s, “Do More With Your Dog”.  She recently went to her first agility trial and qualified 4 out of 5 times.

All of these dogs are out of our Oct.4, 2015 litter with Lillian and Rowdy.
Bones = Foxfire’s The Real McCoy, NSD
Hannah = Foxfire’s Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
Sabine = Foxfire’s Speed Queen of Angenehm, JH
Eliza = Foxfire’s My Fair Lady, TKA, CL1-H
(Page coming soon for Eliza!) 


Sabine and two JH qualifications
Susanne and Sabine for their first JH qualification
Susanne and Sabine for their first JHR qualification
Sabine’s 4th JH qualification and new title!
Sabine getting spoiled at the hotel


Getting her certificate from Kyra Sundance!
Getting her certificate from Kyra Sundance!
Ice pops with her buddies.
Taking a break after agility
Trick dog fun with her owner Christina!

Bones & Hannah

Photos by George Hamamoto, taken at the Greeley Kennel Club dog show, August 20th, 2017

Hannah on her way to winners bitch.
Bones and Hannah. Thanks to Walt for handling Hannah for me.
Bones cruising
Bones the Weimaraner