In the wee hours of the morning, the puppies turned 2 weeks old. I am ecstatic to report that all ten are still here and seem to be doing great. Their “footprint” in the whelping box is now larger than Lillian’s. We usually don’t take the front off of the whelping box until week 3, but everyone needs the space.

About 2/3 of the puppies have their eyes open. When everyone has two peepers staring back at us, I’ll take some new photos of them in pairs. They aren’t focusing much with their newly open eyes but they are exploring more and getting better balance. Several of them also can hear now as well. I was talking to them and got some adorable perked up ears from hot-pink girl.

Lillian is hanging in there with her hungry brood. They really bury her when she goes into the pen with them but seems to take it with a sense of humor. They climb all over her like she’s a jungle gym.

Two weeks old.

Eye peeps

Some style from orange girl

Lillian’s taking a break plus some other shenanigans.