10 things you need to know about getting a puppy from us

1. You need live close enough to drive to get a puppy or are willing to fly to get a puppy. We do not ship puppies. We are in Black Forest, Colorado, approximately 60 miles south of Denver International Airport. We do not sell puppies outside of Canada or the United States. 

2. You need to fill out our questionnaire in order to be considered. You can send this as an e-mail attachment or copy/paste it into your e-mail. CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to fill out our form.

3. Puppies can be secured in advance with a non-refundable deposit of $800. Puppies are $1800- $2200.

4. Contracts vary depending on your intentions and circumstances. If you are interested in competing and breeding you may be offered a co-ownership. If you are established in the dog sports community that is taken into consideration. Puppies sold to pet homes come with a limited registration. Our contract includes a health guarantee and outlines owner and seller expectations.

5. We are selective about where our dogs are placed. Weimaraners, or any dog for that matter, should not be an impulse purchase.  We pick out the puppies for our owners after they are graded for temperament and conformation.  We make puppies available to pet homes, but list priority is given to those who have goals for their dogs. 

6. We don’t have puppies available all of the time,  or even some of the time. We have puppies when we feel like working that hard, and it’s healthiest for everyone involved. 

7. We take our dogs back or assist in finding them an appropriate home if you can no longer care for them. This is also in our contract.

8. Your puppy comes with its first set of vaccinations, vaccine instructions, de-worming, microchip, and with AKC registration papers. Your puppy also comes with a lot of other stuff to read! 

9. Amy accepts gluten free baked good. LaRita likes chocolate or cream filled doughnuts. George likes wine. The dogs will eat anything, but they are partial to peanut butter dog cookies. Just to let you know… 

10. You are welcome to come hang out at our place by appointment, but if you stay more than two hours you’ll be handed a pooper-scooper or a mop and be ordered to work. 

A few other things: 

– Remember when you come to visit, you’re visiting our private home.  We are not a public “kennel”.  If you make an appointment, we’re waiting for you. You won’t get an appointment unless you fill out an intake sheet and speak on the phone with us.

– We don’t breed “blue” Weimaraners. Blue is a disqualifying fault under the AKC Weimaraner standard. Because we are breeding to the Weimaraner standard, this color is not included in our bloodlines. 

– If we send you something to read, read it.  People wonder why show/competition breeders become unsociable with puppy people, this particular subject would float to the top of the list.  If you don’t like something in our contract we can talk. If there are deal-breakers in there for you, we can refer you to another breeder.